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At Antalya Airport in Turkey, passengers can choose ground transportation services such as rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttle services, trains, and buses.

As of October 13, 2021, Turkish banks will no longer accept the old-style £20 and £50 sterling banknotes. Some exchange booths may still receive these banknotes, but there is no guarantee, and you may be charged an extra commission.

ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist areas. You can get local currency from banks and exchange bureaus, known as DOVIZ in Turkish.

As of July 16, 2022, the value of 100 U.S. Dollars (USD) is 1,733.8400 TL, and 100.00 Euros is equivalent to 1,753.8965 TL.

Antalya Airport AntRay is the most convenient way to the city center since it provides frequent tram transportation.

It also covers the route between Fatih and Expo, stopping at Antalya Airport.

AntRay Light Rail (Antalya, Turkey)

There are two airport tram stops:

  • Domestic Terminal
  • International Terminal (T1)

Take a tram that is marked with the word "Fatih" to get from the airport to the city center as well as the Otogar (bus station). The price of a ticket for one-way travel is TL 8.00. The distance traveled is taken into account while determining the fare.

It takes approximately forty minutes to travel to the city center (Ismet Pasa). Trams run continuously from 06:00 to 23:30 every day, with departures every 10–20 minutes in both directions.

In 2010, the Light Rail System-Tram (Antray), which is owned and maintained by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, began providing tram service in the city of Antalya.

The following stops are included on the tram: Fatih, Kepezalt, Ferrokrom, Foundation Farm, Bus Station, Battery Factory, Weaving, all, Güvenlik, Sigorta, Arambol, Muratpaşa, smetpaşa, Dou Garage, Burhanettin Onat, Meydan, Perge stop, Kşlar stop, Topcular stop, Democracy stop, Crnk stop, Altnova Stop

The Bus Station and the City Center are both within easy access of the Fatih-Meydan-Airport Light Rail System (Tram), which makes traveling to the Domestic Terminal of Antalya Airport and the 1st International Terminal (T1) of Antalya Airport both convenient and quick.

If you wish to travel to the airport in Antalya from the city center, you will need to be familiar with the Tramway, which will have the word "Airport" (havalimani) written in front of the tram.

At Antalya Airport, the station for the airport's tram system, known as Antray, can be found just across from both the Domestic Terminal and the 1st International Terminal. Tickets for the tram can be purchased from automatic vending machines.

The fare for the Antalya Tram is 8,000 TL.

Trams in Antalya

Antalya, which is located in Turkey, has a well-developed public transportation system that includes trams. At the moment, Antalya Ulaşım A.. is in charge of operating a system with three lines.

The contemporary light rail line Antray, which spans 11.1 kilometers (6.9 miles) and opened in December 2009[1] as a two-way route with 16 stops, connects the northern part of the city to the central part of the city. The entrance line includes a total of sixteen stations, two of which are underground cut-and-cover stations, and a depot is located at the northernmost point of the Fatih line.

The following is a list of the tram stations:

  • Fatih
  • Kepezaltı
  • Ferrokrom
  • Vakıf Çiftliği
  • Otogar
  • Pil Fabrikası
  • Dokuma
  • Çallı
  • Emniyet
  • Sigorta
  • Şarampol
  • Muratpaşa
  • İsmetpaşa
  • Doğu Garajı
  • Burhanettin Onat
  • Meydan

Makyol was selected as the winning bidder in the competition held by the Ministry of Transport in 2015 to extend the already existing tram line to Aksu, the Airport, and the Expo 2016 site.

It was anticipated that the project would take 450 days to complete and that it would be finished in December of 2016. Despite this, the first test runs were conducted on April 23, 2016, with a ceremony beginning around 300 days before the timeframe that was originally set.

There are 15 stops along the 15.4-kilometer (9.6-mile) route from extension Meydan to Expo 2016, which branches off for 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) to go to the airport.

The following is a list of the new tram stations:

  • Kışla
  • Topcular
  • Demokrasi
  • Cırnık
  • Altınova
  • Yenigul
  • Sinan
  • Yonca Kavşak (Havalimanı/Airport)
  • Pınarlı ANFAŞ
  • Kurşunlu
  • Aksu-1
  • Aksu-2
  • Aksu-3
  • EXPO

The fleet is made up of 14 CAF 5-module 100 percent low-floor Urbos 2 trams that were delivered in 2009 in preparation for the launch of the Antray line.

Eurotem, a joint venture between the South Korean business Hyundai Rotem and the Turkish company Tüvasaş, was awarded the contract to manufacture the 18 brand-new trams that were necessary as a result of the extension of the tram line in August of 2015.

Late in the year 2021, the project that is being undertaken to construct a new tram line will be finished and opened to the public. The new route begins at Varsak and travels through Main Bus Station (Otogar), Akdeniz University Hospital, Research Hospital, and Antalya Museum before arriving at its final destination, Antalya Museum.

However, despite the fact that the route was supposed to be designed for the existing vintage tram line, which was supposed to be renewed as double track, there has been no development applied since late 2021. The total distance of the line is 15 kilometers.