Antalya Airport Passenger Traffic Soars by 10% in Q3 2023

Antalya Airport in Turkey has experienced a remarkable resurgence, with a staggering 9.96% increase in passenger traffic in Q3 2023, signifying a full recovery from the impact of the pandemic and surpassing the pre-pandemic levels recorded in Q3 2019. This remarkable figure even outperforms the 162.39% increase in Q3 2021, demonstrating a continuous upward trajectory.

Sustained Passenger Growth at Antalya Airport - Q3 2023

Antalya Airport in Turkey has been making continuous efforts to increase passenger volume growth. The significant improvement in Q3 2023 is a testament to these efforts. It saw a 9.96% increase in passenger volume compared to the same quarter of the previous year. This progress is both positive and encouraging.

Looking at the figures from Q3 2019 to Q3 2023, the airport has been on a steady path of recovery. In 2019, it served 15,855,494 passengers, but numbers dropped to 4,593,335 the following year due to the global pandemic, a decrease of 71.03%.

However, the airport bounced back in 2021 with 12,052,630 passengers, a whopping increase of 162.39% from the previous year. The upward trend continued in Q3 2022 with 14,605,560 passengers, a 21.18% increase from the previous year.

In Q3 2023, the airport served 16,059,724 passengers, surpassing the pre-pandemic levels of Q3 2019. This indicates that the airport has successfully and fully recovered from the impact of the pandemic on passenger traffic.

Antalya Airport Passenger Volume - Q3 2019 to Q3 2023

Compared to the rest of the quarters, Q3 2023 has a passenger volume of 16,059,724. This is not only an increase of 9.96% from the same quarter of the previous year but also surpasses the pre-pandemic quarter of Q3 2019, with a passenger volume of 15,855,494.

However, the quarter following the onset of the pandemic was a challenge for the airport. The drastic drop in passenger volume in Q3 2020 to 4,593,335 passengers, or a significant decrease of 71.03% from Q3 2019, was a significant setback.

Overall, Q3 2023 passenger traffic data for the airport have strong indications that it has fully recovered from the impact of the global pandemic, as evidenced by the steady increase in passenger volume in the subsequent quarters.

Passenger Traffic at Antalya Airport – 2019 to 2022

In 2022, Antalya Airport welcomed 31,167,556 passengers, a significant increase of 41.58% compared to the previous year. This figure is impressive, especially considering the global pandemic’s impact on travel.

In 2021, it served 22,013,861 passengers, a substantial 126.69% increase from the 2020 pandemic year's 9,711,195. However, this was still significantly lower than the pre-pandemic passenger traffic in 2019, which stood at 35,679,421.

Assuming the global situation continues to improve, the remarkable increase in 2022 figures suggests not only a strong quarterly recovery but also indicates what lies ahead of this airport in terms of passenger activity.

Flight Statistics at Antalya Airport - September 2023

Turkey witnessed many travelers flocking to its most popular travel routes in September 2023. Among the top, Germany, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Poland stood out prominently, drawing a substantial number of passengers.

Regarding international travel, the airport served as a bustling gateway to prominent cities such as Moscow, Dusseldorf, London, Cologne, and Tel Aviv Yafo. These routes witnessed a high influx of travelers, solidifying their popularity and appeal among passengers during this period.

Within the domestic realm, it remained a vital hub for connecting various regions within the country, with notable domestic destinations including Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Izmir, and Kayseri. These routes experienced heavy passenger traffic, indicating their significance and popularity among domestic travelers.

Regarding airline services, several prominent carriers catered to the diverse needs of passengers, including SunExpress, Pegasus, Corendon Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and AnadoluJet, which were crucial for travel to and from this airport.

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